somewhere else

Somewhere Else

(from an original press release dated 1993)

Somewhere Else is a band of four musicians formed by Gito Baloi and based in Johannesburg. Performing mainly original music, their material represents a contemporary mix of jazz, fusion and reggae, and reflects an innovative use of technology for musical purposes. Their unique style is based on the diverse talents of the members:

Gito Baloi: A composer and bass guitarist, Gito also sings, arranges and produces music. He is originally from Mozambique and first played in South Africa with Pongolo and later with Kenyan musician Simba Morri. In 1987, Gito, Steve Newman and Ian Herman formed the internationally acclaimed trio Tananas.

George Sunday: Was born in Mozambique and has been in South Africa on and off since 1983 with the bands Pongolo, the Syndicate Sisters and Tomorrow's World. Besides playing the guitar and composing, George sings, plays the drums and arranges music.

Gaston Goliath: Originally from Kimberley, Gaston has been playing the drums for fifteen years. He joined Ozila in 1992, after arriving in Johannesburg, and then went on to work with the Syndicate Sisters and the Genuines. Gaston also works with a rock-blues outfit called Crossfire.

Jason Armstrong: Is a pianist who studied at Wits and then taught music at Pelmama Academy. He has composed music in collaboration with choreographer Jeannette Ginslov, and for various plays including the Caucasian Chalk Circle.